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An all-in-one system that includes everything necessary for complex inspection tasks. All functions can be controlled from a single handheld remote control unit. LAN network functions can provide experts the ability of remote control during inspections. High-resolution 6.3" XGA LCD monitor. 3D viewing via face mounted display for more thorough and detailed inspection. Multi-language display. Choice of 6 or 4.4mm (0.24 or 0.17") diameter insertion tube. Variety of working lengths to suit the inspection requirements – 4.4mm (0.17") diameter model available with length of 3.5m (11.5’), and 6mm (0.24") diameter model available in 3.5m (11.5’), 5.0m (16.4’), 7.5m (24.6’) or 9.6m (31.5’) lengths. Super stereo measurement with enhanced functionality supports more precise measurement.

VI Cam Boroscope Pipe crawler camera V8 was developed to meet market demand for a self-contained, all-in-one industrial videoscope system that combines advanced inspection features with outstanding ease of use. It is an ideal system for fast, efficient inspection in all industrial applications, including aircraft engines, power-generating plant, plant and building piping systems and its ergonomic design contributes significantly to reduce operator fatigue.

The equipment is capable of viewing, magnifying, measuring and / or identifying and recording of the object with stereo measurement.

  • Visual Inspection of Confined Place.
  • Internal Corrosion Inspection of Small Bore Piping.
  • Permanent Images
  • Easy to Operation

This equipment is mainly using for visual inspection of tubes and piping which are in inaccessible areas.